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Astrological Consultation

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Clients Say

I connected with Nishi 2 years ago as my energies were so dispersed that I wasn’t able to find my center. She definitely helped lift a huge load off my shoulders. Apart from her bang-on prediction, she is a psychic reader and has cosmic connections with the higher power. I was pleasantly surprised by how in-depth and how enlightening she was. And it’s been more than 1.5 years, I still look up to her for my predictions and guidance. Never even once did she make me feel uncomfortable or awkward while discussing my deepest emotions. You know, there is something about her. I mean, she picks up one’s energy very accurately as well as helps one clear their minds logically and spiritually.



Software Developer

Nishi is simply the best astrologer I have come across, she has an indebt knowledge in astrology & tarot card reading and she is very accurate with her readings, I really like her honesty, no false hopes given unlike other astrologers. Can’t thank her enough for providing me best guidance in my difficult times. With her combined knowledge of Astrology & tarot she has a logical clear & quick approach in her readings. I will certainly recommend to my family & friends.

Mansi Talwar

Mansi Talwar

Marketing Professional

I approached Nishi when everything in my life was going wrong. How so ever hard I tried, nothing seemed to work. But one consultation with Nishi helped me see what was going wrong and where. She had answers to all my questions. She not only helped me recognise my patterns but also suggested ways to handle my life issues. She is an extremely focused life coach and has great insight into the workings of the human mind. She is an exceptional relationship adviser. She has deep understanding of the dynamics of man woman relationship and is able to predict responses and behaviour patterns of both. I can’t thank her enough for getting my life back on track.

Dinesh Chandra

Dinesh Chandra

Army Officer

Good thing about Nishi’s analysis is that she speaks from her knowledge from various domains such as astrological charts, tarot as well as her life coaching skills. This is why not only her remarks are precise but also practical. Her empathetic behaviour and kind listening ability makes it very easy to interact with her. There are no unnecessary dramas around her readings unlike the market and that makes her special.

Kumar Gaurav

Kumar Gaurav

Government Officer

Nishi gives me excellent advice and whether the problem is big or small, she is always ready with a solution for me. Her predictions have come true for me in the past and remedies she provides are simple yet effective. When she gives you angelic guidance regarding your life situation that experience is so intense it can only be called divine… she is intuitive, a great listener and her aura makes you so comfortable that you can share all your problems with her. She is a modern healer, tarot reader, astrologer, psychic with an ancient knowledge yet realistic approach to solve all your problems.

Priyanka Khagwal

Priyanka Khagwal

Founder & CEO Nynaeve

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