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Our Courses - Rider Waite, Osho Zen, Numerology Course - Best Astrologer in Delhi & Noida

Learn the art of reading destinies and decode the mysteries of the Universe with Nishi

Welcome to our courses designed to help you master the ancient art of reading destinies and unravel the mysteries of the Universe, guided by the expertise of Nishi. Through this enlightening journey, you will not only gain profound insights into the world around you but also cultivate essential qualities within yourself.


  • Kindness
  • Compassion

If you can

  • Keep your personal feelings to yourself
  • Listen without bias
  • Take your own opinions out of the equations

Dive into the world beyond

Learn the art of reading and decode the mysteries of life with Nishi

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Rider Waite Course

Master the art of reading Tarot Cards as a professional with our highly acclaimed Tarot Card Reader Nishi, founder of Ask Nishi. This coveted certificate course will award you with the title of a professional Rider Waite Tarot Card Reader at the end of it. The course will be conducted in two parts each with four weeks duration and classes are held twice a week. For more information visit here.

Osho Zen Course

Osho Zen Tarot Card is a tad different from the traditional tarot card deck as it gives the students a chance to connect more with the spiritual side of card reading as compared to the practical. People feel more in tune with what is happening in their lives. The Osho Zen 79 cards don’t just predict the future but also give you more wisdom, compassion, and a better understanding of yourself! For more information visit here.

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Numerology Course

Join the ranks of renowned numerologists with our professional numerology learning certificate course made easy by our highly accomplished professional Numerologist Nishi. Learn the ancient art of understanding the knowledge locked hidden inside the numbers and you can become the master of your own destiny. For more information visit here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interpreting the symbolism in Rider-Waite cards requires a combination of understanding the individual card images and their context within a spread. Each card has its own set of symbols, colors, and elements that convey specific meanings. Learning the basic symbolism and associations of each card is essential. Additionally, understanding how the cards interact with each other in a spread helps you weave a narrative and provide insights during a reading.

Yes, the Osho Zen Tarot can be used for practical guidance just like other tarot decks. While its approach may be more introspective and intuitive, you can apply it to various life situations, relationships, and personal development. Start by formulating clear questions, then draw cards and engage with their imagery and messages. The deck’s emphasis on self-reflection and inner wisdom can provide valuable insights into your concerns and choices.

Numerology can offer insights into your strengths, challenges, and potential life directions. It can help you better understand your personality traits, talents, and challenges, enabling you to make informed decisions in various areas of your life. Numerology can also be applied to explore compatibility in relationships, assess career paths, and make strategic choices based on your numerological profile.

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