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Rider Waite Course​

numerology course online

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1 Month, 8 Classes

Master the art of reading Tarot Card as a professional with our highly acclaimed Tarot Card Reader Nishi, founder of Ask Nishi. This is a coveted certificate course that will award you with the title of a professional Rider Waite Tarot Card Reader at the end of it.

The course will be conducted in two parts each with four weeks duration and classes are held twice a week.

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    The course material aims to take the students to the very beginnings of Tarot Card Readings and teach them all about the basics of this highly popular art of learning about our stars and life. Our highly respected teacher Nishi imparts and shares her extensive knowledge about the much-in-demand Rider Waite 78 Tarot card deck.

    The Course Covers:

    Introduction to Tarot

    Tarot Card Ethics

    How to Enhance Your Intuition Power

    How to Lay Down 3 Card Spread

    How to Lay Down Classic 10-Card Celtic Cross Deck

    Learn, Identify, and Memorize Each and Every Card by Heart

    Learn Major Arcana

    Learn Minor Arcana

    How to Interpret Cards Accurately and much more!

    By the time you enter the fourth week, you would be doing readings yourself for your friends and family! Take full advantage of this attractive Tarot Card Reading package which offer also LIVE Practice Sessions!

    Limited Seats Available!

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