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Top 9 Easy Steps On How To Control Your Temper

Have you ever realized how much we end up hurting our loved ones whenever we lose our cool on them? Be it screaming at your child for not finishing his school work or yelling at your partner for something petty like not taking the garbage out. Even though we ourselves end up feeling miserable, we still continue to engage in these hurtful emotions. So here’s a big question!

Why do we do it?

The answer is pretty simple and basic. It is simply to hide our own fears and insecurities. By yelling or screaming or simply shouting our heads off, we are just finding an escape route from our own fears!

But, where there is will there is a way! We can try to work on managing our anger. Just take a deep breath and just pause for a few seconds before you react in a despicable way. It is really a very smart move that could end up saving us from hurting our loved ones and a lot of regrets. This is known as “responding”. Admittedly, It does seem a bit tough, but it is surely not impossible.

Take a look at the following 9 steps to control your temper:

1. Always Think Before You Speak

Take a long pause if required. We know it is quite hard to control your scathing tongue when you are feeling angry, but just a few seconds of silence could make a big difference!

2. Try Delaying The Fight

When you very well know that your bursting out in anger will simply worsen the situation, then you should really make an effort to distract yourself from giving an immediate reaction. The situation will come back to normal in only a few minutes!

3. Take a Mind Recap of Your Reaction

Analyze your reaction and think about its destructive effect on your loved ones be it your child, husband, or your parents.

4. Remember, Silence is Golden

Silence is stronger than well any kind of toxic noise! It’s better to remain shut up than hurt anyone with your poisonous words right?

5. Try Imitating Yourself in Front of a Mirror

By imitating your angry reactions in front of a mirror, you would be able to realize how horrible you look! Trust us, you would be more cautious the next time you feel the need to lash out! Why would someone ever want to look this bad and ugly, now ain’t that right?

6. Press The Mute Button

It is simply using an imaginary remote control on anyone who is shouting or yelling at you! Just press the mute button on them. Remember, you are in control. Nothing can touch you if you do not feel like it!

7. Enter The Zen Mode

Create an invisible boundary around you with your mind whenever someone says something toxic to you. This way, you won’t be able to feel the wrath of the harsh words, nor would you give an angry reaction. Just inner peace!

8. Deep Breathing Is The Key!

Start practicing yoga! It really helps a lot whenever you are about to lose your head. Just take a deep breath, and let it go. Phew!

9. Record Your Video

This one might sound a little unconventional. But you can try asking someone to make your video when you are angry. Trust us, watching yourself yelling and scolding looks a lot funnier when you cool down!

So next time, you lose your temper, why not try any of these 9 techniques, who knows, at least one of them might do the trick for you and make you let go of your anger. After all, life is all about living, loving, and laughing, right?

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