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Tarot Card Reading

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 “Tarot tells the truth we dare not tell ourselves” — Anonymous

Tap into the inner power of your soul and form a connection with the “supreme divine force” under the expert guiding hand of our Tarot Card Reader Nishi.

Unlock the secrets to a better life with the answers hidden in the Rider-Waite-Smith 78 Tarot card deck spread in front of you! And before you quiz yourself regarding the mysterious ways in which the Universe works, just have faith in your Guide Nishi and you will be able to understand everything about your life.

Questions about life, love, health, relationships, career, money, and various other aspects of life are covered in our Tarot Card Reading session. Remember, even if it is Nishi who is laying down the cards, it is ultimately your destiny and a “higher consciousness” guiding you to achieve your true capabilities.

When the seeker (you), the reader (Nishi), and the mystical powers of the Universe align together, the answers to the mystery of life unfold.

How will your love life be?

Your partner’s feelings?

How are someone’s energies towards you?

What’s the future of your relationship?

Current situation and guidance on relationships?

How will my career be?

Will you get the job you want?

How will your time in the coming days/months be?

Let’s embark on the path that the Universe desires you to follow!

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